About Us

Full Shelf Games is the creative vision of three colleagues, united by their experience in the AAA gaming industry and a shared passion for board games. As an independent publisher based in France, we’re driven by our love for innovative gameplay and compelling narratives, and our dedication to bringing these experiences to a global community of game enthusiasts. Our mission is to design and share captivating board games of unmatched quality, games that create memorable moments, foster connections, and are worthy of that last coveted spot on your full shelf.


    Dominik Hothow brings to Full Shelf Games a knack for creative problem-solving. His deep understanding of the gaming industry and commitment to delivering quality make him instrumental in shaping our games that redefine fun and engagement.


    Steven Garrad, co-founder of Full Shelf Games, is a dynamic leader with a deep-rooted passion for board games. His experience and innovative ideas shape our mission: creating games that transform every crowded shelf into a source of endless fun.


    Dagny Schaedler, a co-founder at Full Shelf Games, is the bridge between imagination and execution. Her industry insights and attention to detail play a crucial role in bringing our vision of crafting unforgettable board game experiences to life.