Submitting a game idea?


Full Shelf Games is open to game proposals. As a new publisher, we’re looking for games that bring something new to the table. Aspects that fit Full Shelf Games:

  • Multiple directions to victory, one dimensional games give limited choice, we want players to have multiple options to play the game.
  • Interaction between players in board games brings people together. Interaction between players should be a positive experience and players should never feel like they are playing a solitaire game.
  • Planning and strategy are key, a game victory should never end with the result of a die roll, or the misfortune of not drawing a game winning card.
  • Theming and complementary mechanisms are critical to a fun and immersive board game experience.
  • Hooks are what brings players to the table. The game should have at least one key factor that stands out, from interesting board elements, engaging game mechanisms to premium components.


Big Box Games:
  • 2 - 4 players, solo and 5+ players are optional but not required.
  • 1 - 2 hours, game duration should be no longer than 2 hours for 4 players where the rules are known. Longer first time playthroughs are fine.
Small Box Games:
  • Any player count is welcome.
  • 15 mins - 1 hour
For All Games:
  • Complete - There should not be any missing core components or mechanisms. If the game feels incomplete, then it’s not ready for submission.
  • Playtested - Your game has already been playtested a number of times from start to finish, with different groups and at all player counts.
  • Rules - Submissions need to include fully written rules covering all aspects of the game.
  • Open to development - If we like your game, the process of getting it from concept to shelf may require adjustments to different aspects of the game along the way, in collaboration with you.


We work on a lot of games, if yours is similar to one we have in development, we will let you know right away.

Full Shelf Games will review your submission and provide feedback. Please note that submitting does not guarantee our commitment.


If you have a game that matches the criteria outlined above, we would love to hear from you. You can reach out using our contact form.

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